Saturday, February 9, 2013

We are just flesh, blood and bone

A friend of mine showed me this picture yesterday and I instantly asked her to send it to me to be posted here.

Despite the misspelling of 'atheist', I really like the picture. Lately, people seem to get overly sensitive about human diversity which include:
  • race
  • nationality
  • culture/ethnicity/subculture
  • gender
  • class (or wealth/poverty)
  • age (especially extreme youth or age)
  • (dis)ability
  • sexual preference
  • religion
  • political party 
Although, in my opinion, we should look to other people for their:    
  • personality
  • preferences
  • interests
  • needs
  • abilities, skills, capacities
  • perspectives, ways of seeing the world, paradigms
  • ideas
  • feelings, emotions, mood
  • opinions, positions
  • attitudes
  • beliefs
  • assumptions about what's real
  • ego involvements
  • values - assumptions about what's good or important
  • dreams, visions, desires, wishes
  • connections
  • resources
  • habits
  • lifestyles
  • cognitive styles, ways of sensing and knowing the world
  • communication styles
  • stories, histories
  • experience - capacities developed through life
  • stages of development
  • responses - how they respond to what's going on or what's being talked about
  • tolerance levels
  • roles - in society, in the group, in some narrative
  • families - what was their family of origin like
  • education - both formal and informal, past and ongoing
  • information - info they have, and their relationship to information as such
  • health
  • and much, much more.
The picture represents my standpoint towards stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.
If I hate people, it would be because of what they've done to me.

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