Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Is It says "Allow Me To Ridicule Myself" and It Is What answers, "Okay"

For several days I have been thinking about it.

It's an ability that people are born with.
It almost like a lighter for smokers.
As long as they have it, they see Hitler as Santa Claus.

But the thing is, it's always managed to disappear.
Just like your lighter. You try to keep it safe in your pocket, but you will forget where you put it or who borrowed it.

And when it lost, at worst, you will mistakenly recognised Taylor Swift as Sadako from Japanese horror movie, Ring.
That won't be fun.

People learn to be a finder, so they can always get it back after it's lost.
They think it's better to see Santa Claus rather than bump into Sadako each time.

But there are people who aren't finders.
These people have lost it forever and even Sadako will lose interest to scare them.

What will happen to these people?

They rationalised everything.

When they smile, it's because they know what they are going to get with that smile.
When they put a sympathetic facial expression, it's because they know that that's what people expect from them.
They are unable to feel sad or jealous as they don't know what will they get from that.
When they heard news about volcano eruption and the number of its victims, they can't relate, let alone sympathize, as they think the world is better with less people live.
When they heard gossip, they need to match it first with the fact before they response to it.

And they stay like that with the assumption that what they're doing make sense.

Until their long-time best friend said, "My boyfriend proposed to me, so I may be moving out soon"

And the first thing they say to her is, "Will you have your own house after you're married? It's better than to rent one."

Emotionless, as they don't feel a thing. 

Just until that time that each of them starts to questioning...

Am I okay?