Saturday, May 30, 2009

I want to make a new mainstream

Sometime I heard people ask, “is it mainstream?”, when they’ve told about new song coming up, a new book coming up or new film coming up, as if it is a sin to hear, read or watch one from such kind.

Sometime I see people brag about them being indies. Proudly acknowledge that they shown only their pieces just to some people who “understand” / “accept” it.

They seem to reject the effort to make their work known by mass audience.

How pity.

Have they given up, since they’ve already tried?
Or do they underestimate commoners, by thinking these people won’t understand their work?

I do believe, become a unique is good. But become uniquely-known is better. Don’t you think?

When we are confidence with our talent, why should we keep it to ourselves or to our group? While most of our works are excellent, why don’t we do something about it? Why should we reject popularity?

I don’t understand.

Me myself, I want to make a new mainstream.

And why not, when I think I have the talent and the gut. And I don’t think this dream as a form of my pride.

True pride I think, hides inside those who keeps their talent to themselves. How it would be such a waste while a lot of people might get inspired or have the chance to grow by knowing such talent is exist.

I pitty this people who despise mainstream, while they are having the chance to make a new mainstream.

Why don’t they?

And while they buried their talent to themselves, I’ll share mine to the world.