Saturday, October 15, 2011

Out of Love

It's scary how people could go as far below morality and humanity, because of love.

A mother could put aside her dignity and accept money from any man who'd pay her service, just so she can feed her kids.

A desperate, unemployed man looking for money for his family would jump right away at the chance of making money, even if it means that he has to sell drugs to minors.
A religious fanatic man kill other people who mock his god.
A husband corrupts to pay for his pretty wife's expensive lifestyle.
A woman with children decides to stay with a man who occasionally beat her up everytime he is upset just because he provides money for the family.

A doctor helps his severely-ill patient to die, after the patient repeatedly said that he can't take the pain anymore.
A father beats a young boy to death after he harassed his daughter.

There's a lot more of such stories that can give you the chill down your back and that can make you think.

On some saturday evenings, when my fate treating me bad, as i have to go to the office to work instead stay at home watching tv and indulge myself in excessive eating, I curse at every sight of human being on the street. I hate them as they are so many! Imagine a Saturday evening when I have to be at work, but it doesn't feel that suck as at least after my work is finished, I don't get to be trapped in a traffic when I am tired and angry. It would be pleasant. Unfortunately, it never works like that. Everytime I go to work on Saturday, I can always expect a horrible journey back home, thanks to all people that fill the streets going somewhere just because it's a Saturday evening.

Looking at the buzzing, crazy vehicles, I would automatically think of ways to reduce the bugs in number. Maybe I should be a president, I'd think. And I will make a law in which every wrongdoings conducted by a citizen will receive a death penalty. Even if it's just a tiny case as pickpocketing. Or maybe I have to become a filthy rich business woman just so I can pay the government to conduct a massive killing to reduce the number of useless people on the planet.

I feel extraordinarily happy everytime I can think of something that might successfully be a solution to how to cut the number of people living in this world. Maybe I should work for George W. Bush.

But I changed my mind about doing a massive killing at that day when my taxi passed the WTC building at Sudirman. I saw a man in the middle of the street down on his knees and bent his body so his forehead on the ground -similar to how a Moslem pray in a prostrate position. There was a lot of blood on the street from his head. The man was dying. But everyone on the side of street were only looking at him, doing nothing. One cop was focusing on organising the traffic caused by that event. I was wondering what has the man done that he received such inhuman treatment. Why there was nobody that help him and take him go to hospital. The taxi driver answered to my question, "Perhaps the man was a pickpocket thief. He's lucky people don't burn him alive...", he said.

It struck me that cruel punishments have existed already within the society. I knew that people can go as far as beating a pickpocket thief to death. But how horrible it is to actually witness such event. I am not so sure anymore that I can be the person that promote death penalty for criminals. Instead, whatever that man has done, I think he deserves to be saved.

Yesterday, there was a pengamen when I took an angkot to Pasar Minggu. Very unlikely, his voice was one of a kind as well as his song. He reminded me of Iwan Fals with a collection of songs about humanity. His song tells about a prostitute. I remember a part of the lyrics and out of curiousity, I looked out for it in the internet and found out that it is a song of Iwan Fals'. The title is Doa Pengobral Dosa.

"Di sudut dekat gerbong yang tak terpakai
Perempuan ber make-up tebal dengan rokok di tangan
Menunggu tamunya datang
Terpisah dari ramai
Berteman nyamuk nakal dan segumpal harapan
Kapankah datang tuan berkantong tebal

Habis berbatang-batang tuan belum datang
Dalam hati resah menjerit bimbang
Apakah esok hari anak-anakku dapat makan
Oh Tuhan beri setetes rezeki
Dalam hati yang bimbang berdoa
Beri terang jalan anak hamba
Kabulkanlah Tuhan..."

I took a good control of myself for not crying inside the angkot. It's a sad song, it is.
And the song took me back to that day when I passed the pickpocket thief in front of WTC.
Maybe it was a desperate man with hungry children at home.
Maybe he didn't know what else to do to make money to buy them food.
And I remember Al Pacino as Dr Jack Kevorkian in You Don't Know Jack...

People can go so far because of love

And how the right punishments should be created for people like that?

Imagine this scenario:

A wealthy man owns a huge company. He's a good man who's doing lots of charity work. He is a good provider for his family. He enjoys a very comfortable life. Then there's this man who has just lost his job. He lost his job many times. Fate is kinda cruel to him. He's a nice man with good work ethic. Too good that he let people mess with him at work. For him, office politic is not something he can deal with. At the end, his family falls apart due to financial difficulties. His wife threatens if he's not going to find a job soon, she will take away their children. Out of desperation, he apply for a job everywhere, including to the company owned by the wealthy man. He don't get the job. The wife left as promised and he's so upset that in rage he goes to the wealthy man's house. He doesn't understand why a company that big doesn't need a good employee like him. And he thinks with some money in his hand, he can have his family back. He needs money fast and he think by taking a little from the wealthy man won't hurt the man. What he doesn't know is that the wealthy man is at home when he comes to steal at the man's house. He gets panic when the wealthy man attacks him trying to get him down. He eventually kill the wealthy man.

What do you think as the right punishment for the man? Does the man deserve to be punished? He desperately needed a job, but the wealthy man's company said no. He only need a little money, but the wealthy man attack him. And what do you think of the wealthy man's death. Is it the right punishment for him as he doesn't realise that he has neglected other people in needs? Does the wealthy man, who has enjoyed a comfortable life since the day he was born, deserve to receive death as the punishment for being happy all his life while other people are suffering?

The court tries to bring justice by giving the man a life sentence. But is it a justice really? The wealthy man's family is in great grief after the lost. But after three years, they move on with life. His wife find a new wealthy husband and the family enjoy an even more comfortable life. On the other hand, the killer's wife lives a hard life as a waitress in a restaurant with a very small wage. People look at her as an unfortunate wife of a murderer. Her children are unhappy at school. Other children can't stop to mock them about their father. They feel embarrass about their father situation. They don't get dinner when their mother come home with small tips from the restaurant guests. The books they use to study are second hand items that their mother got from other parents. They wear old clothes and worn-out shoes. No one in the family is happy. The mother doesn't even know until how long the children can study at school as education fee is very expensive for her.

Where's the justice in this situation?

There's no justice in life, I tell you. What's there is a balance. If a human has a hypothalamus which controls the body to remain as it is and fights any changes inside the body (that's why fat people find it hard to go on diet), so is the world. The world has something which is more or less functions as human's hypothalamus. Things need to be in balance. So if the world has set that among 100 poor people there's only one wealthy man, somehow we have to believe that it's for a balance in life. Perhaps if all people rich, the world ends faster and that's not what the hypothalamus want, is it? So some people have to be sacrificed.

Now whenever I see too many people on the street, I take a deep breath and hope for many more natural disasters to happen as I believe that that's how the world 'detox' itself from the unhealthy human being. I'm imagining that human is more or less like white blood cell. Too few and too much is not good for the human body. This means, too few or too much people is not good for the future of the universe.

I won't dreaming of myself being a massive killer as Hitler or George W. Bush anymore as I am a human and I don't know exactly how to bring balance in life. How many people should i kill or should I let alive. Let the world decides.

I can only go this far for my love to the universe.

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Robert - a.k.a - ravenheart said...

Resti, membaca cerita elo itu meninggalkan banyak pertanyaan paradoksal di kepala gw. Apakah itu keadilan? Apakah itu moralitas? Apakah itu kebaikan? Seperti yang elo bilang, semuanya sebenarnya berwarna abu-abu. Seseorang bisa melihatnya sebagai setengah hitam, sementara seseorang yang lain melihatnya sebagai setengah putih.

Kalau gw mencoba menganalisis secara logika, yang salah adalah si pria malang tersebut. Kebijakan perusahaan adalah kebijakan yang reasonable dan accountable. Keputusan yang didasari semata-mata atas dasar belas kasihan bila tidak sesuai dengan posisinya, berpotensi akan menganggu seluruh proses operasional perusahaan. Bila saat itu perusahaan memang tidak sedang membutuhkan tenaga si pria malang tersebut, memang hal tersebut yang harus dilakukan. Hal yang diprioritaskan adalah kebijakan organisasi (perusahaan) dan bukan kebijakan sang owner.

Oke, mungkin kita bisa mempertimbangkan solusi alternatif seandainya pria malang tersebut berterus terang bahwa dia butuh kerja dan memohon agar diterima. Namun bila kita menjadi sosok decision maker yang berada di situasi tersebut, maukah kita menerima calon employee yang dari awal interview pun sudah menunjukkan bahwa dia layak dikasihani hingga merengek2 minta pekerjaan?

Satu-satunya hal yang dapat disalahkan adalah kekerdilan jiwa pria malang tersebut, sekaligus juga keegoisan istrinya yang tidak memberikan dukungan padanya. Pria itu seharusnya tetap tegar, berusaha mencari pekerjaan yang lain atau melakukan apa pun untuk mendapatkan modal awal yang kelak dapat dipakai untuk berusaha.

Dunia luar tidak seindah saat kita sedang duduk di bangku SD, dimana hidup hanya sekadar bersekolah, jajan, nonton TV, mengerjakan PR dan tidur. Banyak orang-orang egois dan munafik di luar sana. Keterpaksaan untuk menjadi egois dan munafik supaya bisa bertahan hidup di sistem sosial yang rapuh.

Satu-satunya jalan keluar untuk tetap waras di kegilaan sistem tersebut adalah tetap menjaga rasionalitas, tetapi bukan rasionalitas yang dingin seperti mesin komputer, melainkan rasionalitas yang manusiawi.

Pria malang itu seharusnya pantas dibantu namun dia tetap harus berdiri dengan kedua kakinya sendiri, melangkahkan kakinya mengarungi dunia yang brutal ini.